#1 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Changes » 2017-06-24 13:35:16

Hi Azgoth smile

1. Lags

I see now what do you mean, isn’t even any of the 2 possibilities I though.

2. Communitation

This is something we evaluate and we were afraid of the “bad behaviours” with direct messages, one option we considerer was a global chat, but looking in how it works in other games we didn’t see to much benefit.

But you are right, if we want the game to be truly social we should improve the communication to avoid things like quit and enter to another clan just to talk for 5m and then go back to your clan.

3. Not fixed errors

We definitely need to improve how we collect and organize the bug reporting, now there is a lot of different channels with reports (discord, helpshift, emails, forum, facebook) and some things can be “lost” and never get to devs at all.

2. In my opinion the old ranking was much better.

Your proposal of recover the “casual fights” as a main game mode doesn't sounds bad, as long as we can handle “negative behaviours”, when we had this mode available for long time and we end up removing it because of that.
I totally agree that even rank and casual  are separate modes, they should be on the same match, the only possible negative is the rank fights will have a high % of good luck, getting a causal player “testing” will be easier to defeat than getting another rank focused on winning.

change 2. Old skull boxes

We have to add a limit on the rewards you can get from battle, or to the amount of battles you can play getting rewards (now depend on the skulls) we can iterate on the balance (2 skull boxes/day instead of 3) to allow more battles with rewards. Each time we left something without any kind of limit, players exceeded our expectation braking the system ( playing 300 battles in 24h, creating 5 accounts to support 1… ). 

change 3.  (leaderboard)

Is a quite interesting proposal to not reset the leaderboard, force to play at less one battle to stay, and remove just some few medals, but to make it work, we need to put a limit, as I mentioned before, may be a limit of rank battles (5) you can play per day, otherwise, the player who reach 3200 (means he got 1200 in 2 weeks), will just lose 50, in 2 seasons will be at 4400, in 4 seasons 8800, getting totally out of the matchmaking and impossible to be reached by other players.
With the limit per day we could assure all players have same chances to climb up.

#2 Re: Bugs & Technical Issues » Rok vs Totems » 2017-06-23 07:41:18

We are looking into it, thanks for the report!

#3 Re: Bugs & Technical Issues » Wrong statuses » 2017-06-22 15:42:44

Thanks, we will digg into it to find out the problem.

#4 Re: Bugs & Technical Issues » Player names » 2017-06-22 15:38:28

Thanks for the report, we will add it into the task list.

#5 Re: Patch Notes » Patch Notes 2.5 » 2017-06-22 15:27:28

If you look for it, you will find players with the heroes you want at Max level and asking for some of the ones you don't want (actually I can give you Maya I have her at Max level, and I've been asking for Korang the whole week smile )

May be we should create a thread only for this purpose.

#6 Re: Bugs & Technical Issues » Unlimited materials » 2017-06-22 15:17:39

Hi Azgoth, the Tournaments feature is quite big and required a lot of development, for big features we exceptionally do a Beta test with few users to identify possible bugs we cannot reproduce with an small group.

We contacted some players to participate, and when they did, some bugs happened (as we expected), getting one collectible each time they reconnected was one of the them. Few days later we removed the extra collectibles from them and fixed the bug, and nobody was getting unlimited materials. It’s true, was a bit “weird” to see some players with wrong numbers, next time do something similar we will try to explain it before to avoid confusions.

Some days later we made another test (on Wednesday), but instead of selecting few players, we just opened tournaments for 15m to test it with around 100 battles. We didn’t fount big issues.

One week later we organized another test, that time we announced and asked people to join to get a bigger number of battles (around 500), and only 2 people reported crashes.

The feature will be available only during weekends, but for the release we activate today Thursday to be able to check in real time that everything is OK, and be ready to fix ASAP any issue.

I hope everything is clear.

#7 Re: Bugs & Technical Issues » Game not working » 2017-06-22 12:37:35

Sorry for the inconveniences, seems to be a problem with memory on some low devices, we are fixing it.


Go to settings a remove the microphone permission for Titan Brawl.

#8 Re: Patch Notes » Patch Notes 2.5 » 2017-06-22 10:44:01

With non getting Max leveled heroes we were breaking the pace of the progression, the higher level you get, the more time you have to invest in upgrading your Champions. There are some tools to accelerate this progression a little bit, like asking your friends for tokens or purchasing/buying an offer when a Champions you want is available, but is still slow, that's the idea, some players will progress a bit faster than others, but the progression must be in the same magnitude, otherwise the ecosystem becomes too unfair. Max leveling a new Champion in less than 24h is unfair for the rest of the players. Same goes to getting to top 1...

Max leveled tokens are useless?
You can give them to your friends or clan mates, and ask them for the ones you want.

We are also working on a new feature to invest this "extra" tokens.

About Toyce we are taking a look.

The “Try me” heroes are only for one battle, after that the previous champion you had on that slot should be automatically equipped for the rest of the battles.

#9 Re: Feedback & Ideas » send all button » 2017-06-21 10:41:22

75 tokens is for a limited time, at the end of this week we we have the original number, even that is true can be a bit annoying to spend a lot of tokens. We will add it to the tasklist.

#10 Re: Feedback & Ideas » search engine » 2017-06-20 16:01:46

Yes, thats something we have on the tasklist from time ago :S
As soon as all the mayor problems are fixes we will start implementing this kind of improvements.

#11 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Character idea » 2017-06-20 15:19:19

I'ts nice to see Characters proposals smile
We will add it to the list as idea for the next ones, now we are still finishing the next one that will be live in a month or so.

Any other Ideas???

#12 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Replays » 2017-06-20 12:31:44

Sadly, playing back the replay is not supported with the current technology :S

#13 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Changes » 2017-06-20 12:30:12

Julia will be out for 1 week, I’ll try to do my best to clarify everything smile

1. Lags
3. Lags

With Lag you mean slow performance / Frame rate, or smoth performance with slow server responses creating visual corrections like extrange movements on heroes?

2. The second point is the lack of  possibility communication between players.

I’m not sure what do you mean, is about the way you perceive your opponent's moves? Or more about the chat?

3. Not fixed errors.

Well, we can not fix all the errors at the same time and even the ones we fix, takes time.
We work on sprint's base around 2-3 weeks of development to fix all we can, then takes almost 1 more week to test it and publish the update, sometimes on the test we identify new problems and we have delay the update. That means, a fix can take 1 month to be visible for players, and if we are lucky and the bug is reported at the end of the development then will take 2 weeks, but hardly ever will take less.

2. In my opinion the old ranking was much better.

We had big problems with the flat rate system, we underestimate top players and some of them broke it by playing 300 battles a day,  the only way to keep that system was to put a limit on the amount of ranked battles per day (around 10) but that choice would be even worse that.

I think the big problem, is, that the ranking is perceived as a progress, but actually the rank is a positioning according to your skills/level, you should only progress on rank when you really improved as player, and this is not happening constantly, once you reach your position, you mostly fight to stay there, and eventually you will progress learning new strategies or leveling up heroes. This is something we may not explain properly on the game.

2) The player has the ability to choose what kind of tokens he will get

Not allowing players to just take the tokens that they want is part of the core of the game, otherwise you would just play always with same 5 units, becomes boring,( and yes, now we have a little bit if this, and that’s one of the reasons we are working on a full rebalance).  Talking specifically about unlocking, we try to keep a balance, we do not give all units from the beginning to do not overwhelm players (some units are complex to use) and also give some progression feeling and motivation to keep playing. Adding some mechanics to be able to change that unlock order wouldn’t affect too much, is something we could consider.

4. In my opinion, the emoticons available during the fight at the end of last year were far better than the current ones.
You tried to remove any negative emotions, but it was fun.

Probably was fun for the winners, smile
Now seriously, we had a lot of reports about feeling insulted, for us was also something innocent, but there are players from all around the world, with different cultures and something funny for us can be very offensive for others.

Feelings apart, we have on the backlog, an update for the chat emoticons, using your totem face instead of the standard yellow face, and also being able to unlock new expressions to customize you “emoticons deck”, but for now we still have a lot of work with stability :S

5. You wrote that I assert that you listen more to the voice of new players than the old ones.

I’m not 100% sure what do you mean on this point.

The decision to play tournaments with MAX leveled units, is to give same chances to all players, (even the new ones will have less units to choose).

Keep in mind Tournaments will be a limited event and will not replace the ranking.

#14 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Nerf Maya » 2017-06-20 09:18:00

This can be a long topic smile

I would not say Maya is OP, she has "chances" to be OP as she has also "chances" to be useless, she has good range and dps, but she is weak, you need a tank to cover her and even that her special can be easily cancelled with stuns. But anyway, with the new balance we are working on, she may be adjusted somehow to fit with the new rules.

#15 Re: Feedback & Ideas » clan chat » 2017-06-20 09:01:23

We will consider it smile
We still have pending some improvements like select and copy text or links, but all these improvements will take some time.

#16 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Adding players directly » 2017-06-20 08:56:33

This "extrange flow" is not random smile
We previously had the add friend button available on all players profiles and top 10 players had hundreds of invites every day. Removing at at all was not a good option, and we decided to keep it on clan mates and opponents on the battle logs, this way we avoid spam with random invites but also allow to send them if you really want it.

We also considered other options like adding an option on settings to never get invites, but was dismissed as we really want players to be social, or automatically remove invites after 24h, but then the problem was with invites you really want to accept are disappearing too.

#17 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Camera angles and boundaries » 2017-06-20 08:54:05

We are totally agree smile, also we want to improve the spectator mode, we have this improvement on the Todo list, but for now we are more focused on stability, as soon as the game is stable we will start implementing little improvements like these ones.

#18 Re: Feedback & Ideas » 20 Token boxes » 2017-06-20 08:51:58

The giving tokens is temporal, this Friday 23th will back to the previous amounts but also you are right some offers are not properly adjusted to the last economy update, soon we will review them to be more efficient.

#19 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Divide that F into half » 2017-06-20 08:43:04

You are right, we will add into the tasks liks to bring it as soon as possible.

#20 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Interface color » 2017-06-20 08:41:17

It'sw a good idea, we will try to bring a new color theme for the New balance update.

#21 Re: Feedback & Ideas » Necesitamos cambios en el Ranked y demas » 2017-06-14 15:11:44

Hola Jazie, espero poder resolver tus dudas, vamos punto por punto.

Cuando tu derrotas a un jugador de tu mismo rango tu recompensa puede variar

Aquí explicamos un poco como funciona:

¿Cómo funciona el sistema de Medallas?

Para los puntos, el rango no importa, lo único que cuenta son las medallas, fijate, que para bajar de rango has de llegar a un número inferior que que necesitas para subir, por lo que puede darse el caso que te enfrentes a un jugador con rango superior, pero con menos medallas que tu. 

Tip: justo antes de empezar la batalla, mostramos las medallas de ambos jugadores, fijate bien, asi podrás calcular cuántas medallas están en juego.

me ponen con jugadores de rangos menores o mayores al mio

Esto es más complicado, al buscar oponente, el juego busca a alguien con una diferencia de 30 medallas, si pasados cerca de 30s no encuentra a nadie, se expande a 60 medallas, y así sucesivamente hasta un máximo de 850 medallas de diferencia.

Tip: Si te quieres asegurar tener un oponente con poca diferencia, puedes cancelar la búsqueda y volver a iniciarla, así empezarás otra vez de cero con el mínimo rango de diferencia.

  mientras mas medallas ganes mas seguido te tocara con jugadores de rango superior

Esto que comentas es cierto, si ganas 5 partidas seguidas e incrementadas en 100 medallas tu score, te buscaremos oponentes con 100 medallas más que antes. Has de tener en cuenta que las medallas, no son un recurso que colecciones, son una representación de cuán buen jugador eres (50% habilidad, 50% nivel de héroes), por lo que ganar muchas medallas rápido no siempre es bueno, pues te enfrentarás a jugadores mucho mejores, que usaran otro tipo de estrategias a las que no estás acostumbrado.

Tip: Cuando aumentes de medallas significativamente estudia a tus nuevos adversarios mirando sus replays antes de enfrentarte a ellos.

Ganar "X" cantidad de medallas y al perder en combate, perder "X" cantidad de medallas mas la mitad de "X" medallas.

Un sistem de puntuación no simétrico (perder menos de lo que ganas) se testeo y el resultado fue bastante negativo, aún dando solo una medalla de diferencia, algunos de los jugadores del TOP hacían cientos de batallas al dia, por lo que esa pequeña diferencia se acomulaba, llegando a tener 4000 medallas más que otros jugadores que eran igual de buenos, pero simplemente no disponían de tanto tiempo de jugar.

-Hacer muertes dobles, triples, etc den una bonificacion de medallas, no muy grandes ni muy chicas, podrian ser incluso de solo una medalla por "logro"

Destruir el totem de una bonificacion mayo

si juntaste mas calaveras que tu adversario si perdiste aun asi, perder menos medallas

Basado en el tiempo que duraste en la partida ganas o pierdes mas medallas

Son buenas ideas, la tendremos en cuenta smile

Si un usuario esta en medio de una partida y se le va la conexion la partida sigue

Hemos tenido muchos quebraderos de cabeza con esto, el problema principal es que no podemos realmente diferenciar entre una pérdida de conexión real, o una desconexión voluntaria, inicialmente las desconexiones no restaban medallas, por lo que muchos usuarios al ver que iban a perder se desconectaban voluntariamente (apagando la aplicación, desactivando los datos o apagando el router wifi). La solución más “justa” que hemos encontrado, es que al desconectarte, una IA básica juega, por lo que si estabas ganando con mucha ventaja, aun desconectado puedes conseguir la victoria. Si consigues reconectarte, vuelves a tomar el control.

ver el daño que un openente o yo mismo hago,realmente no es de utilidad en el juego

Bueno, esto es mas una opinion personal, algunos jugadores si utilizan estos números para hacer calculos.

podria haber algun otro comerciable que se pueda conseguir, como decoraciones para el perfil, nuevas imagenes para el clan, musica

Creo que necesitamos mas imagenes para los clanes y colores, podrian hacer entre los usuarios un concursonde creacion de logos.
Para el futuro cuando eventualmente se introduzcan las skins y nuevos heroes podrian hacer concursos donde se pagara ya en gemas o dinero real para participar en evento

Más buenas ideas, también las tendremos en cuenta.

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