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Hello, Brawlers!

I'm Velaxin. A long time player, reaching Elite every season. Currently in All Stars but previously in Martyrs, Hyper, and Mantis.

Hoping to help boost the game to mainstream, and be an active member of the community! smile

Catch you in game! The 'peace' emoji will get you nowhere wink


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Re: Velaxin

Hey Velaxin.

I just read from you and then we meet ingame.:D

I dont wanna make new threads so i just type it here.

Hello everyone.!:)

I am Fabian, 21 years old from Austria.
Playing since about half a year now and i really like the Game.!:)
I was in Zeus Ex(Zex) and now i am in German Titans(GT).

Have fun and dont play Fristor. Thanks a lot.:'D

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