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Thrown off the map by Snuft

Ok, today I had a strange glitch/bug.
My opponent came with Rok and Snuft. They were at my totem, I was defending with Korang. Rok pushed my Korang back, my Snuft spawned. His Snuft used his special and pushed my Snuft behind his spawnpoint.
My Snuft disappeared! He didn't die, he was at full health. Just blown off the map and of course I couldn't use any of his skills, as if he never had been spawned.

Pls look into this. I can upload a recording of the match if you want.

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Re: Thrown off the map by Snuft

Hey jmil,

Please get in touch with the support! Can you send the recording to titan.feedback@omndirone.net ? that could help us to reproduce the bug!


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