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My time is over

As you probably know by my nick (Azgoth off), my time is over.
I would like to say goodbye to everyone in this topic.

The temporary ban that today Omnidrone put on me didn't affect my decision in any way.
Farewell I had written before, I just pasted it.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for spending time together smile
-Omnidrone: for creating a great game (the best mobile game I have ever played). Don't forget about it, rascals smile
-all my All Stars and Conclave Allies: for our common reign, for victories and defeats smile For being a family smile Love you guys!
I would like to highlight a few players:
-Wacko87: for common long talks, plans and secrets smile For being friends here. The best leader of the best clan.
-Kaf027: for common long talks, plans and secrets smile For being friends here.
-VC$69: for our plans and competition. For our common victory, which turned out to be a failure smile
-Slayer: for always I could count on you
-Daru: One of the most pleasant players in the game. Unfortunately for a long time inactive.
-War: for our wars smile
-Hosani: you are master of tokens wink
-Lovehui: for reminding me that you must never underestimate your opponent wink

For sure I forgot about someone. Thank you all!

I would also like to greet the Snuff and Boss clans, gathering many very cool players I will mention them well.

I'm sad to leave you, but the game falls and I don't see them future sad
I will add topic "Why are players leaving?" soon.

At the end, screenshot from the Snuff clan chat when I was a member of it.
We had "Azgoth day" and everyone used my nickname smile
The author of "Azgoth is coming" is Hitchaik smile


5 times solo season winner
2 times second place
The best player ever.


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Re: My time is over


Sad that I will be missing this game reach E-Sports level.


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Re: My time is over

This is sad sad...
the game and forum will miss you...

Always jumped around in my apartment when I won against you... I guess it was just 2 or 3 matches out of 100? sad

Mate but I hope you will come back... or at least share your thoughts in the forum


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Re: My time is over

Sad day. One of the nicks that will stick in my head forever. Wish you all the best!


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