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Why players leaving?

Firstly sorry for my english smile
I would like to mention in this topic the reasons why I think players are leaving the game today.
This is to help the Omnidrone to make the game better, for future generations smile
I am writing from a player perspective. I don't judge. I just describe how it looked for me.
I may be wrong sometimes, but I want to be honest.
As I wrote in another thread: Titan Brawl is a great game and I would like to thank Omnidrone for creating it.

Most of this message I wrote over a week ago and is not the answer to the outrageous Omnidrone behavior of last week.
Currently I don't want to end it now, so I paste unfinished.

I post this post on the forum so everyone can comment on it and express their own opinion. This is my personal, subjective opinion.

So, why players leaving?:

Part 1:
This is a complex problem that consists of 3 interconnected issues. Each of them follows from the previous one:
a) not repaired bugs
b) changes for the worse
c) you don't listen to feedback from players

If a beginner player doesn't like something in the game - he leaves. If something doesn't work - he leaves. This is non-negotiable. This is a fact which one you have to accepted. Just think about it.
Older, more involved with the game players don't want to leave. That is why they are trying to help solve the problem, by reporting a bug.
They do it because they don't want to leave, due to this bug, because they like the game. Not because their demands are increasing over time.
This doesn't change the fact that such errors are an extremely serious problem. The problem directly causing the player to leave the game.
We good know, what emotion a non-functioning application is doing smile

So we write to you: Exact description of the bug. You don't have to look for bugs: we do it for you. For free. To be able to play on.
Your answer: "Thanks for your time, your feedback is very important to us."
And what's next? Nothing. You don't do anything.
If you are trying to help someone, and he disregard  you, you will not feel good about it.

I know no one likes when someone tells him what to do.
I understand that you created this game and you know better. You are not sitting on the butt, you are  working on its development.
The problem is that the player trusts you: Instead, due to some bug ( there were many bugs that practically prevented the gameplay) to leave the game he try to help you romove it.
You disregard this player. I never had the feeling that you were interested in what I have to say. I just sent out another mails, left unresponsive. It is not about the bug being removed on the same day. The point is to get interested. You needed a MONTHS to ask what I mean when I write "lags".
I always felt that I wanted something from you. That you write me out of necessity to not scare the player by silence.
I think on the forum should be active department: bugs we are working on.
Regularly updated. With descriptions of what, how and why.
Answer "now we haven't time for this" is better than "thanks for your time, your feedback is very important to us" and leaving the problem.
Provided that you finally find time.
But you don't have time to make such a change.

I know that you always try to write off our problems. If some bug is really minor then sometimes you fix it.
But you do not take us seriously.

It is obvious that you are trying to make the players happy. So that they do not go and want to pay for the game. That is why, in my opinion, there are too less of you. You can't keep up with your own application. The cost you will incur by expanding your team will be smaller than the losses you incur by neglecting players.

If there will be more of you:
-you will have time to get in touch with the players
-you will be quicker to fix the bugs
-you will have time to test the changes you make (further updates add new bugs without fixing old ones )
-you will be able to add new things faster

See how many of these are the things that players care about.

I know finding a good employee takes time. But the application exist already over a year and at least for 6 months you don't kepp up with this.

And then there's an update.
Almost always unprepared. New things don't work. New bugs appear. Old bugs are not fixed. Suggestions for changes added by players are skipped. Almost always game balance is destroyed.
The update is almost always at the end of the season: tt forces players to spend more time for playing the game, to be able to adapt to changes and maintain a place in the ranking.
What is the emotion of players then?
Anger, discouragement and helplessness.
Helplessness when you see someone making a mistake, you want to help him, but he doesn't allow you.
Of course you can go, but you do not want to leave, because you care.

What was I thinking then?
Why I reported bugs and suggestions? Why did I spend my time? They do not care what I have to say. Instead of fixing what did not work, they preferred to devote time to strange changes, mostly take something from players.

For example view my topic "changes" in forum. I spent a lot of time writing it. I was completely ignored. Elias's answers are just rejection my arguments. Of course, no one asked me to write anything. You can say that I am myself guilty. Nevertheless, I dedicated my private time trying to help you, in good faith and you don't use this. You do not use a lot of ideas you can get from players who know what they want. Players look from a different perspective than you. Permanently ignoring our feedback on serious matters must discourage to the game.

I give you simple example:
You increased the number of tokens needed to upgrade units to delay a moment when players will have units at their max lvl.
After this change many players left the game.
Then you raised the value of the boxes.
The time needed to upgrade has returned to its starting point.
Was this change needed?

As I wrote in the mail to you (25.04) I knew this change was a mistake but I couldn't do anything.
Part of my mail from 25.04:

"Otherwise, the maneuver seems to be quite unsuccessful.
First change (Raising requirements to a higher level) delaying reaching by players most units at max lvl, it was intended to force the top to continue paying for the next tokens.
It seems that the resistance to this has exceeded your expectations and revenue instead of increase, decreased. Many players left the game.
As a result, you have increased the value of the chests.
It is thus even easier to reach maximum unit levels than before changes.
Looks like you said A, then they you afraid to say B and try to hide it.
The consequences of the first change you have already suffered.
A wave of dissatisfaction has now passed, people are reconciled with this changes and it's time to slowly take profits. (Today's footnote: see this sentence from more than 2 months ago!).
You have decided to retreat.
Of course, it aroused big optimism, surely in the near future profits will increase.
Maximum levels have become real again. Soon it will become a fact of many players and again we will be back to the problem before the first change.

I am curious if you have prepared the solution.

Do not take the above as a word of dissatisfaction, it's just thoughts of recent changes."

I was thinking about that then, but you didn't. You left the matter. Only when a few players raised all units to the maximum level, you once again started thinking about it.
And what did you do?
You have unlocked the ability to find tokens for units that the player already has at max lvl.
For the second time you have raised the dissatisfaction of the players with the same issue.
How feel those who tried to help you?

All you've been keeping for a long time is trying to make game easier for new players. You do this by ... hindering game for old players. It doesn't work, and you do it further. I have already written in another topic what really bothers us. But you do not care. And again we go back to the beginning.

See who recently tried to revive this forum. And it worked. And see who killed him again.

Part 2
Lack of moderation

Me and my clan were offended many times by user Hurdaci. In game and forum.
Recently he even wrote on my private (!) mail.

I met him just after introduced Boss Raid into the game.
I and a few members of my clan left the clan, we have set up a new clan, we beat the first lvl of Boss, we left the clan, set up a new ect.
In this way we could get more purple coins than attacking a boss in only one clan.
Until now you remind me that we exploited then.
But we were paying for every attack then!
Specially I bought the gems to be able to do it.
So you - Omnidrone have earned on this "dangerous exploit".
And what did we gain?
I don't have any exclusive for clans unit at the max lvl. Many of the tokens that I got, I have from exchanges for normal units - not from purchase.

When we created new clans to attack the boss, we made these clans open to everyone, so we could quickly join.
Three players from the Turkish clan noticed this and started to join us.
Two of them started to cooperate with us: they also attacked the boss and got puprle coins for it.
The third didn't cooperate. It was Hurdaci. He joined our open clan when we were fighting Boss. He STOLE our purple coins without attacking the boss. It was exploit. He exploited that all the members of the clan get the purple coins even those who don't attack the boss.
I reported that this is a bad solution, but I didn't get an answer.
He didn't pay anything and he got the coins we earned for our work, we paid for it.

So we started removing him from the clans, but that didn't help. He continued.
At some point, theft ceased to be enough for him.
He started offending us on clan chat.
Wihout any reason, we haven't sent any message to him before.

I sent these screenshots to Omnidrone (31.03), but I was ignored.
It was a breakthrough moment for me.
Then I realized that you don't care about my feedback. You are only interested in submissions that protect your pocket, others not.

This was my first and last "conversation" with the user Hurdaci.
I never take part in unnecessary quarrels, I have never offended anyone here.
I never wrote back on any of his post.

His behavior doesn'tt make any emotions in me. Such people happen.
Bother me that such behavior remains unresponsive by Omnidrone.
I'm too old to accept a random kid who offend me from behind a computer.
For me it is unacceptable that you allow it.

If you don't see the problem yourself, the fact that several people are reporting a problem with the same player should lead you to action.

What have you done?
You promote him.

Placing the tournament battle The One vs Hurdaci on official Facebook and Twitter of Titan Brawl was very nasty.
Hurdaci won this battle mainly due to problems with the connection T1 had - check his rank at that time.

What do you want to  prove to the players ? The player who spends money is a fool?

I hope you are aware of this, the explicit permission to offend other players is the straw that broke the camel's back and caused an exodus in my clan.

You have now removed some of his forum posts. And this unhappy movie. But after how long? You've had enough information to ban his forum account a long time ago. Only on forum. Not in game. I don't see the reason. For this screenshot he should have 24h ban and nothing else.

Part 3
The game is very time consuming in its present form.

I think this is a problem mainly for older players.
I proposed a change in the ranking on another topic.

I once suggested that when a player loses a connection during a battle the game was frozen for 15 seconds to give him time to return.
You answered then (02.05): "Titan Brawl is supposed to be a fast game that you can play in a break".
I think the current ranking system is a denial of this idea.
Necessity of continuous climbing becomes a duty / work / necessity.
I will not give up my crown, and keeping it will take too long.
Of course, time consuming is also a problem of bugs and changes in the worse about what I wrote earlier.
The need to wait more than a minute for an opponent in the second half of the season also doesn't accelerate the game.
Being high up for failure we lose 10 times more than we gain for victory.
You can't play thinking about dinner, because you will fall in the ranking.
The need to collect large amounts of points every two weeks, force to dedicate much attention for the game - something different when we play no-rank, for fun. When we test different teams and ways. Something different when we need to sit a few hours in the focus to get back to our place from the previous season.

Part 4

I would lie to ignore this reason. I'm fulfillment in the game. Nothing else I can get. The game doesn't offer any development possibilities, new perspectives for old players.
Should I win the season sixth time? I can but just for what?
I have not focused on the game for a long time. I mainly use it that I know game perfect to help improve the game. I am aware that I don't play as well as I did a few seasons ago, because I just have no motivation to think about the battles mainly. What stayed is enough smile

That's what kept me in the game for the last 3 seasons, is the time I have devoted to this game and the will to win. I was more focused on helping to save the game from falling than on my own game.
But I have already given up hope. Titan Brawl is dead.

If anyone reads this post in whole I am happy.
If anyone agrees with me, the more.
Feel free to comment.
I think addition the ability to rate forum posts it's good idea.

5 times solo season winner
2 times second place
The best player ever.


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Re: Why players leaving?

Let me tell you why you were ignored:  Its becasue I am the one who contributed this game more than any other player.
So they were on my side. I translated this game into TR, created Youtube-twitter-facebook content and gave very feasible balance ideas of at least 5 characters which now changed as I proposed (Zool,Korang, Holgrush, Fristor etc).
So you need to do more than winning 3 season straight.


I have some more things to say about your PART2 above but

Whatever bro, I don't have a problem with you from now on.

We are all "OFF" and never come back to this game.
Reducing SM to lvl 5 was again one of the Omnidrone's "great" ideas which pushes them one step closer to the edge of the cliff.

We all may have done things wrong or unethical.

Clan token exploit wasn't really an exploit as you explain above and they were aware of it, thus they didn't really punish us at that time.(I'm talking about myself)

But material exploit was a real one.
But the thing is they are so unresponsive that this behavior made us think that they won't realize or punish us even if realize the exploit. Another reason was we thought that even if we report this exploit, nothing will happen again-we may lose those materials and that's it.

They were already messing the game up and changing champions every update so this was a payback we did.

And I don't think that we are the only ones that are guilty or responsible of this because you (Azgoth) say that he reported this bug while tournament mode was in beta-but you guys didn't fix it and ignored it. Now we are the ones who are punished smile
Do we need to keep giving feedback over and over to you until you finally do something about it? How many times? Tell it so people will know..

They didn't even let the community know what kind of a punishment was made; so they are still not aware of what happened to our accounts. Tell your community what you did so they will know how harsh your punishment system is and they won't try to exploit or cheat in the future.. But you didn't even do it. So you punished us for nothing for your favor.

You can put an achievement on your wall named "How to discourage players from a game without banning their accounts permanently" ..

They are comparing themselves to Blizzard and saying that you won't be able to get your account back if you did this in WOW or etc.

Ok, nice, thanks but you are not Blizzard and if you continue like this you never will be..
Just keep this in mind.

*btw Azgoth
"See who recently tried to revive this forum. And it worked. And see who killed him again."  I see what you mean and I agree wink

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Sad that I will be missing this game reach E-Sports level.


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