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To much

Hello dev team.
The game was very good before you add cheated heroes.
Most of players have stop to play. The waiting time to fight is more and more long.
You add heroes without trying them. Gurb coming with they clones and without using ultimate he can destroyed all others heroes. And for kill him you need to using 2/3 times the ultimate.
I don't come for crying, only to inform you that you will continue to lost players more and more.
You speak to change stats of multiple  heroes since more one month and always nothing.
All others update are very good (tournament, boss,...).
Like few players I stop also and maybe I will comeback if the game comeback egual too.
I hope all the best to you.

PS : sorry if my English is bad.


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Dev Julia
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Re: To much


the balance of all many champions will be changed when we implement the new game balance. It should take about two updates from now!


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