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-What exactly were you thinking adding a totem that gives faster mana regeneration? and how exactly does that fit in your balance plan, considering that everyone now is using mort since the current top 5 players are all using him, while their Mort is either lvl 9 or max (which totally destroys the concept of adding test units to the clan shop to get later released to boxes).

-Not only that a max Mort has more hp than any other totem and his minions have more attack than vortigern's minions, but also a mort user will get 2 mana bars more than any other totem user by the end of every game. Plus the fact of the speed of the mana generation allows a mort user to use his specials earlier than other players.

-How should other Totem users compete with that now? by adding an extra feature to a new totem, you haven't considered adding features to other totems as well to stand a chance against it.

-I have been testing all day with different team combinations, and none of them can beat a decent team with mort behind their back, even the teams that used to be a counter to specific teams, are pretty useless against the teams they used to beat easily.

-Now i have 2 more champions to discuss here:

*the first one is maya: Maya is currently a crazy machine that does 340 damage in 5 seconds at max, and pretty much doesn't have a cool down. so, she can use her gun non-stop thanks to mort extra mana bars of course and even champions that stop her have a cool down, and that let her do damage before they can stop her again. basically she is op and needs to be nerfed (damage-wise/ or cool down-wise).

*the second is gurb: Gurb is currently an attack champion with 900+ hp and 104 damage per hit(faster rate than sabrina) at max. his only counters are 2 fristor specials or a gunner like maya or aisha that wouldn't be stopped by gunner-counter like fristor and let's face it, no one plays a gurb without an anti-gunner if not two of them. Currently 80% of the top leaderboard are using him, and 2 players changed their name because they hate him, "PoorGurb" and "Gurbisfornoobs". Now i don't really see how you can balance him, i would say give him less hp in total, since no attack champion should ever have 900+ hp. or his damage could be nerfed, maybe less clones, or no clones at all and his special summons them? just find a way so people would be able to use other champions while not hating their decision for getting in a game with a gurb as an opposing champion.

-One last thing about Clan shop: there's currently a lot of players using other accounts to get tokens from clan shop and send them to their main accounts, and that's how a lot of players got to lvl9 and max mort in few weeks. now i haven't read your policies about the usage of multiple accounts but i know many companies prohibit it, to keep the balance of the game.

I hope you will consider balancing all of the mentioned champions, (Mort, Maya and Gurb).


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Re: Mort.

And Thor's special move is powerfull. In beta Thor was a strongest champion, than they nerf him. And he was good than. But now I see everyone have Thor again in team and his special move is back to beta version (strongest special move in game).
And I agree with you for Maya's cooldown.
My team have all epic champions lvl 7 (Drok, Chi-Chi and Sabrina) and I lose games whan somebody have rare Thor and/or common Maya in there team. I don't know how common or rare champions is batter than epic champions...


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