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Feedbacks from Guybrush

-GIF was here-

1) I noticed something when i searched for "Big Brawler" clans. On the result screen , first clan's leader is "Wooden 1"(?) rank and has no avatar border and second clan's leader doesn't have an avatar border too . I don't think thats normal because other BB clan's leaders has BB avatar border. So i wanted to report that.

2)I think it would be good if we can see the rank's names under their emblem. Like this :

To be continued...

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Re: Feedbacks from Guybrush

Unfortunately we lost one of the big Brawlers, but we will replace him soon.

When it comes to the Rank - I agree with you. It is even a bit difficult to explain what rank you are at the moment. We will add it to the backlog!


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