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This game is going to die..

Wow.. that update.. really messed it all up./:
Cant find words anymore.
So many long time players already left and even more will leave now..


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Re: This game is going to die..

Hello Devs,

I hope you take some time to read this thread.
I have not talked to other players from other clans yet, but based on the names and on the amount of players in the top rank list many will stop playing or even have already stoped.
Many of my clanmates already did.
And most of them were longterm players since the beginning....

I understand your big step for the changes in the update and that it will be risky.
But that kind of changes require some time and patience... the community was not envolved in those big changes. A small beta would have helped you a lot... your adjustment time this week caused already many players to stop playing this game.

But now somehow this game lost his character. This game was simple but had time for deep play strategies in the endgame...
it was fun to play.
For me personally the best balance in this game were the patch before grub and mort came into the game...
So many meta teams to play with...

I'm one of the players who continues to play for the sake of my clanmates...
Please listen now to the community to adjust this game...


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