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Drop/Remove one box per day from the slots

Not much of a change but gives us one more chance for a better quality box.
Every day you get to remove one box from the three slots (of course without getting the reward from it) so that you can try one more game and fill the slot with hopefully better box. I am getting way too many bronze boxes and it hurts to spend the time/gems to open them.
You can use a pop-up window, that appears on pressing on one of the slots, and gives you two options - remove or open with gems.
If you remove a box, a timer appears on top of the button, that shows when will you be able to remove another box.


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Dev Julia
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Re: Drop/Remove one box per day from the slots

Thanks for the feedback Yarnspin! The only current way to remove Boxes is by unlocking them. To maximize time, try opening Silver Chests/Bronze Boxes during the day and Gold/Epic before finishing your day.

If we make any changes n the system, you will be notified! Thanks.


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