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Micro transactions

These are my concerns on the developing trend of micro tansactions.

I have been playing titan brawl for over a year now and followed the game through a number of patches. For every patch that changes box numbers and content or number champion tokens needed to upgrade, the player always becomes the losing party. For example there was an  upgrade were you cut the value of champion tokens  with 2/3. The recent patch changed the skullbox from giving approx. 20 gems to approx. 5...
All these changes are making it more and more pay to play.

As we have seen EA's attempt on microtransactioning star wars battlefront 2 the fall out can be catastrophic.

I understand you need to make a profit for developing the game, but right now it feels like it is your only objective.

I hope this will be an eyeopener for you and hopefully you will focus more and bettering the game and less on ways to increase microtransactions.



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