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Yorke and stunt on special move!


I just fought against a player with yorke, and even if he is not supposed to stunt he actually did!
Is it a bug? To be honest only Peacebot and Mort were stunted...not to say that I lost the game because I was unable o launch the special ability hmm

What is the actual situation? Does he stunt Titans and Totem but not champions?

Thanks for the help!

Edit: That's not the first time I see this, indeed I tried to use him but I realized he was not doing stunt on special move. So apparently he stunt for some people and does not for others...some explanation?

Edit2: Some clan mates also tried and he stunt! But no stars on the champions' head. And it works the same way for me (at least in training)

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Re: Yorke and stunt on special move!

Thanks for bringing this up, Kain! Yorke & many other champs mechanisms could use some clean up in the description. Cmon omni, you can do it!


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