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Dev Julia
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Titan Brawl Announcement

Hello Brawlers,

This is a very sad day...with heavy hearts we have decided to shut down Titan Brawl.

We are grateful to each and every one of you who have been part of this great adventure - we appreciate all your input and your passion. We are sorry that we have let you down.

Unfortunately, Titan Brawl has not attracted an audience large enough to sustain itself and we cannot continue with its development.

While the game will remain online for the next months (it will be completely shut down this Spring), the Shop will be deactivated in a few weeks.

Thank you again for your support,

-Titan Brawl Team


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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Hello Julia

The brawlers are very sad. We have been like a big family during this long time. We hope that in these few months that are missing until the end of the game you can reverse the situation and you can continue to support the game, although I understand that it is impossible mission.



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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Hello Julia and mates

It´s so sad hearing this from you. As my mate (my friend is a better adjetive) Tito says, we became a family in this time.

I understand that you are here for earn money. I think that your mistake was not take care form Brawlers opinions, allways did your own mess, for long time best players were leaving the game, and this game didn´t offer anything atrattive for the new ones, (you did the game so boring with extra defensive sets).

I hope you will change your opinion and follow with the game.

It was a pleasure.


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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Hello Julia,

As Tito said Brawlers are very sad because of this announcement. We had a very good community of gamers and Titan brawl remained as bridge between them.

Also it was a very poor maintenance and you guys haven't heard what community was saying so many good and old players left the game. We feel this is also one of the reason for failure. Hope your team will correct this in your future projects.

Though there was ups and downs. Good and bad. We really enjoyed playing. It was fun and happy playing this game. Appreciate all your support and help.

All the best for your future endeavors.


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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Hey There

Sad to hear about that.
It‘s to late to teach what has gone wrong.

Let us just accept this decision for whatever reasons and have some good Seasons and fights till the end.

I will miss you all...

Good night, good fight

GE/ Easy


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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Finally this day is coming, without any surprises. The market is always right, everyone who wants to make profits from it should keep in mind. I only stayed this long to witness the end of story, a good material for business lesson 101. Goodbye again, Titan brawl.



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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

So this is goodbye then sad

This was the first and last game I've played for so long, I've had a really great time playing against you all...
It's time to move on, thanks for everything and I wish you all success on your "real" lives.

UB / LinkWR


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Re: Titan Brawl Announcement

Forum is still up it seems.
Titan brawl closed suddenly and without notice.
Respect to RU, GT, TK, & UB.
SNUFF 4 life.


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