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So one last post for today.

Some Words about Fristor Gurb and Mort.

Looking forward that you gonna change things with next patch and maybe you write it in the forum (not only in discord, because i heard things about Mort but i cant see them in forum).
Mort is pretty unfair right now. Minions are stronger than Vort Minions, but well ok not ranged. His stats compared to other Totems, specially his HP are way too high. And last but not least his Manaregen is just not fair..

Same with Gurb. He does tons of dmg and doesnt need to use a Skill, just like Sabrina, only stronger.
And his Minions HP are too high.

And now to Fristor. You nerfed him but in my opinion its not enough. He is used in 7 out of 10 teams in the top ten.(most of the time combined with Mort and Gurb, what really makes it OP. Because you dont need Skills for Gurb and get extra Mana from Mort so you can spam Fristor when you need - sometimes it happens that i cant move the last 20 seconds of a fight and lose the Game because of that.
But back to Fristor himself. His skill is still too strong. A 4 second freeze with that range and dmg and the casttime is pretty low, means he is hard to counter. I only found Korang as a real Counter now, but you have to be fast before Fristor freezes again.. i would say just make his freeze from 4 to 3 seconds and test it.


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Re: Balancing

Next month when we introduce the new balance most of the Champions will be changed. There is a lot of aspects of the game that will be different from the current state. Next week you can expect more infroamtion about it.


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